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Five Essential Steps for Website Quality Control

Five Essential Steps for Website Quality Control Bull Tech

Quality control is a crucial process that we undertake both internally and with our clients to ensure that their website functions seamlessly and looks its best across various browsers. Our comprehensive quality control process involves a review by the full team, including the strategist, designer, development coordinator, and developer, to ensure that every aspect of the website is thoroughly assessed.

We conduct various quality testing measures, such as testing the website on multiple browsers and different device sizes, to ensure that it looks impeccable on all devices. Once we complete our review, we send the website to the client for their feedback. This is a critical stage as it allows the client to scrutinize the website’s features and design, ensuring that it aligns with their vision.

Our quality control process is designed to give clients an idea of how their website’s content and images are displayed on their website, providing them with a better understanding of their users’ experiences. The final stage of quality control involves checking the website’s speed, functionality, and user experience, making sure that it is optimized for users.

We test the website’s forms, membership sites, and e-commerce pages to ensure that they are functioning correctly, leaving no room for errors. Once we complete our quality control process, the website is ready for launch, providing clients with a refreshed look and excellent user experience.

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